We believe that incorporating sustainability principles is just good architecture. But what does sustainability mean to you and for your home and what options are available? Winder Gibson Architects is here to guide you through that journey and respond to your specific goals. Our deep well of sustainable practices, details, materials, systems and techniques allows us to smoothly integrate sustainability at all levels of your project in a way that is bespoke and meaningful.

Perhaps for you, sustainability is about ensuring a good future for your children and extended family to inherit. You wish to be a good steward of the world, both immediately around you and at large. You want to understand how the decisions we make together about your home impact all of that and want to understand the cost and functional implications of those decisions as well.

Or you may have a strong focus on a healthy home. This might mean air quality and the healthy impacts of various materials and systems. We might talk about the lifecycle of different finishes and how your home can evolve to your needs as your family changes or as you age in place.

Whatever your goals, rest assured that we have worked with them before and can ensure their seamless integration into your project while not sacrificing comfort or beauty.

WGA Estate Homes Studio:

We invite you to further explore the 5 core values that define WGA’s Estate Homes studio and to consider how these will help you achieve the home you desire. Our unique approach to developing estate-sized homes sets us apart in the industry. Learn more below.

The 5 topics:

Bespoke - A purpose-built home for your lifestyle.

Beauty – We deliver a prestige product with stylistic diversity

Sustainability – Our focus on a healthy home and a good future, tailored to your goals

High Touch Service – Our approach to project management and communication.

Leadership – We understand that you are busy and understand our leadership role in the project.