Realizing a complex bespoke estate project requires real leadership. It needs a quarterback. It needs someone with a buck-stops-here attitude. It needs drive and an attention to detail. It needs a focus on timelines and deliverables. And it needs someone to wrap their arms around all the players, all the agencies, all the moving parts.

We are that leader. We are here to lead and inspire and to crack the whip when needed. We are here to get your project to the goal line. You are probably a leader yourself and likely too busy and have too many other priorities to take the lead in the realization of your home. That’s why we are here, for you.

It takes a small army of different engineers, landscape architects and consultants to bring an estate home into being. Many of them are technically excellent, but not great project managers and not great communicators. We assemble the right team with the right expertise and then we manage them so you don’t have to. We are the information hub for technical coordination and design integration, all in service of your goals and objectives. Our leadership inspires everyone to do their best work. Our vision ensures we all pull together to create the best product for you.

WGA Estate Homes Studio:

We invite you to further explore the 5 core values that define WGA’s Estate Homes studio and to consider how these will help you achieve the home you desire. Our unique approach to developing estate-sized homes sets us apart in the industry. Learn more below.

The 5 topics:

Bespoke - A purpose-built home for your lifestyle.

Beauty – We deliver a prestige product with stylistic diversity

Sustainability – Our focus on a healthy home and a good future, tailored to your goals

High Touch Service – Our approach to project management and communication.

Leadership – We understand that you are busy and understand our leadership role in the project.