It is hard to underestimate the way that living in a beautiful environment brings small and large joy to every day of your life. Beauty can be found in the materials inside and out. It is in the overall form and composition. It is in the play of light in a space and in the rhythm of life lived there. Beauty can connect us with memories and emotions. It is different for everyone, but certain moments of beauty are universal.

Winder Gibson Architects’ Estate practice exhibits a broad stylistic diversity of contemporary and transitional styles. We work closely with our clients to understand what touches that sweet spot of beauty for them, while also exposing them to ideas they might not have seen before. It’s a very personal journey and for that reason, each bespoke estate is different. And is much loved by that client. We are active curators of great ideas and will always ensure the whole project feels unified and right.

Beauty is meant to be shared. Inviting family, friends and guests into a Winder Gibson estate home will bring you great joy and pride. Our reputation for fine bespoke architecture precedes us and the proof will be in your home, shared with those who matter to you.

WGA Estate Homes Studio:

We invite you to further explore the 5 core values that define WGA’s Estate Homes studio and to consider how these will help you achieve the home you desire. Our unique approach to developing estate-sized homes sets us apart in the industry. Learn more below.

The 5 topics:

Bespoke - A purpose-built home for your lifestyle.

Beauty – We deliver a prestige product with stylistic diversity

Sustainability – Our focus on a healthy home and a good future, tailored to your goals

High Touch Service – Our approach to project management and communication.

Leadership – We understand that you are busy and understand our leadership role in the project.