Architecture is a social pattern. It guides us, gently or strongly, in the way we interact with each other and even with ourselves. A round dining table inspires a different kind of conversation than a long thin one.

Winder Gibson Architects’ Estate practice focuses on the design of homes with great social flow, improving the lives of those who use them. Every project is bespoke and tailored to the needs and life of our clients. We develop the social pattern by getting to know you. From this, we generate a home and grounds that embody that social pattern. Humans are inherently adaptable but the creation of a bespoke estate is an incredible opportunity for you. When the way you want to live is in alignment with the space you inhabit, friction is removed and a beautiful life is possible.

There are two overlapping pieces of feedback that we get again and again from our clients months or even years after their projects are finished. It is a joy to live there. And everything just works so beautifully. Our estate homes have a reputation for bringing a sense of calm and ease, both of which are so rare in modern life. Our homes are full of delight and casual liveliness, but everything is in its place so that you can come home at the end of the day and just be present.

WGA Estate Homes Studio:

We invite you to further explore the 5 core values that define WGA’s Estate Homes studio and to consider how these will help you achieve the home you desire. Our unique approach to developing estate-sized homes sets us apart in the industry. Learn more below.

The 5 topics:

Bespoke - A purpose-built home for your lifestyle.

Beauty – We deliver a prestige product with stylistic diversity

Sustainability – Our focus on a healthy home and a good future, tailored to your goals

High Touch Service – Our approach to project management and communication.

Leadership – We understand that you are busy and understand our leadership role in the project.