Responsive Fee Structure

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Just like every project has its own proforma, we understand that every developer has a different approach to services. Our fee structure will be responsive to your needs. First, we sit down with you to understand the role you need your architect to play and talk through who else is going to be involved in entitlement, permitting, neighborhood relations and leading the team through construction documents. Our goal is to find how and where we can help and where you already have your team lined up. Second, we develop a project-specific fee structure that reflects the job you actually need us to do. You will find that we are always competitive and reasonable and our team is always going to bring a high touch approach to your project, regardless of our role.  

WGA Multifamily Values

At Winder Gibson Architects, we have developed a set of five core values that sets our Multifamily Studio apart. It explains why so many of our developer clients return to us for multiple projects. And it illustrates why you should consider WGA for your next project. Responsive Fee Structure  is one value. The others are: