Architects Plus

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At the heart of our practice is an understanding that in order for Winder Gibson to be a success, our clients and their projects must first be a success. That is why it is critical to begin each project with an understanding of what success looks like, beyond the physical design. Once we define this we can work with you to do whatever it takes to realize the project goals. The last thing we want is to design a beautiful building, pull permits and have the project dead-filed because it ultimately isn’t worth pursuing.

When working on multifamily projects, we work closely with you to understand the proforma.  We know the business of development and consider ourselves your partner in making the project viable. We develop a building model to extract the kind of data you need in order to ensure the project is on solid economic footing.  We know that it makes sense to run multiple models and try out different formulae. We use this exercise to ensure the design is buildable and meets permit requirements. Our goal is to make sure we don’t end up with a model that works but a building that doesn’t. If the model needs to change due to shifting market conditions or big events like Covid, we will work closely with you to reset the building while maintaining the spirit and any approvals we have to date.

We also understand that the entitlement of these buildings is a complex process. We can and have led that process successfully numerous times. We are also comfortable being a team player with attorneys, consultants and planners.  We are dogged in our pursuit of entitlements and know how to fight for what matters in the project. 

WGA Multifamily Values

At Winder Gibson Architects, we have developed a set of five core values that sets our Multifamily Studio apart. It explains why so many of our developer clients return to us for multiple projects.  And it illustrates why you should consider WGA for your next project. Architects Plus is one value. The others are: