High Touch Service

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High touch service is common in high-end single family residential work but so rare in multifamily development. Responsiveness. Great listening skills. Detail oriented. Clear and thorough replies. An openness to feedback and ideas. It sounds simple, but this is where many firms fall short. Our work with homeowners has necessitated developing a high touch service method and this is something we carry through to all project types. 

For our multifamily development clients, high touch means laying out clear expectations and deadlines and then meeting them. It means answering the phone when you call. It means prioritizing your project and always having you feel important to us, because you genuinely are. The experience of this type of service has been a revelation to our multifamily developers, truly setting us apart from any firm they’ve worked with.

Part of delivering this service is having a tight-knit team of dedicated professionals. Because of our size, you are always with the A-team. We are large enough to crank out the work and get things done quickly. We are small enough to be lean and nimble, keeping our overhead and fees down. To ensure every project we do can be high touch we have become highly selective about the projects we take on.

WGA Multifamily Values

At Winder Gibson Architects, we have developed a set of five core values that sets our Multifamily Studio apart. It explains why so many of our developer clients return to us for multiple projects.  And it illustrates why you should consider WGA for your next project. High Touch Service is one value. The others are: