Creating Communities through Social Flow

Good design reflects, respects and elevates the way our clients want to live. This is true whether we are designing a single family home or a multi-family building. Through our work and research, we have developed a philosophy called ‘Social Flow’.  This is the idea that each space suggests a pattern for living. When we better understand these patterns we are able to design a customized space to fit them. A well-designed space for living fits like a bespoke suit, rather than one off the rack. As the architect, it is our job to shape the Social Flow of the space.  Our deft touch with this social flow has secured our renown for residential design.

When we scale the concept of Social Flow to our multifamily practice, we call it Creating Communities. We design and finesse the social flow of each individual residential unit, just as we would a custom home, seeking to eliminate the friction of life and have each unit live large and live well. At the community scale, we work closely with the development team to define the pattern for living best suited to the location, the market and the anticipated residents in this moment in time as well as projected out into the future. Any architect can pack units on a site and sprinkle amenities around. We seek to create a development that flows and works for everyone that lives and works there. We consider the choreography of the leasing tour and the rhythm of daily life for the residents. We think of the small daily rituals and the larger standout moments a resident might experience while living in the building. We think about the pain points for the ongoing management of a building, from move-in/move-out to elevator maintenance to the ever-increasing delivery, storage and recycling needs of today’s deliver-everything environment.

WGA Multifamily Values

At Winder Gibson Architects, we have developed a set of five core values that sets our Multifamily Studio apart. It explains why so many of our developer clients return to us for multiple projects.  And it illustrates why you should consider WGA for your next project. Creating Communities through Social Flow is one value. The others are: