Boutique to Large-Scale

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The primary focus at Winder Gibson Architects is working with developers where we can build successful relationships. The project size is secondary. Because of our firm size, we can profitably take on projects that are smaller or more atypical than our peer firms.  Skinny site, no problem. State Density Bonus, we’ve got you. Sloped topography, sure thing. Our boutique approach applies the same value to every project, driving forward towards your success.

We love large projects too. Mapping out the complex social flow and community opportunities on a 250+ unit building plays right into our strengths. For larger projects we manage the unit blend and aim for efficiency with consolidated unit types. We integrate code requirements as well as best practices for circulation and distribution of services. Our architects will coordinate with the consultant team of engineers, landscape architects and other disciplines to a smartly realized end product.

WGA Multifamily Values

At Winder Gibson Architects, we have developed a set of five core values that sets our Multifamily Studio apart. It explains why so many of our developer clients return to us for multiple projects. And it illustrates why you should consider WGA for your next project. Boutique to Large-Scale is one value. The others are: