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Winder Gibson Architects was founded in 1987 in San Francisco and is practiced at working in a variety of contexts, scales and programs. We work on projects throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Wine Country, Northern California, Hawaii and beyond. We take conceptual and design-oriented projects from idea to completion through strong project-management skills, client communication and code knowledge. We aim to satisfy and surprise our clients with innovative solutions to both average and exceptional problems.

Winder Gibson Architects provides a full range of architectural services, including design, planning, programming, permits, project management, construction administration and assistance with the bidding process. We work on exteriors, interiors, remodels, additions and new buildings. We enjoy a team approach and often collaborate with or consult for other architects and designers. The office is a laboratory for the investigation of forms, functions, materials and details. Projects are grounded in a strong working knowledge of conventional construction but seek to transcend that base with new details and materials. Each project builds upon past experience while striving towards new solutions and forms. We are committed to sustainable design and have a LEED certified professional on staff.

An ongoing element of our practice is the design and implementation of largescale public art projects, both in conjunction with artists and independently. Working with art on the scale of architecture informs the rest of our practice: residential, commercial and institutional.

We understand that it takes more than good design to make a project happen. Working with small and large developers, we understand the business behind construction. Working with contractors, we understand how buildings actually get built. Working with clients, we understand the emotion and personal meaning that initiates every project. We are interested in real projects and making real buildings.