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Winder Gibson Architects has always considered collaboration to be a significant part of our practice. We have participated in various projects with various individuals and firms as outlined below. Both in-house and with other parties, we take a team approach to our work, keeping the best interests of the project and the client in mind, working toward a common goal.
Collaboration with other Architects and Designers:
There are many possible points of origin for architectural projects. A young, unrecognized yet talented designer may connect with a client for a project that is within their imagination but perhaps not within their experience or expertise. In several instances, our firm has joined the team to round out the experience, assist with detailing, construction documents and construction administration and, as needed, provide a licensed architect to oversee the project as a whole. In other cases, pairing our office with another small or mid-sized office can allow us to collectively take on a larger and more complex project than either office could accomplish on their own.

Acting as a Local Architect:
When an out-of-state or out-of-country architect pursues a project in Northern California, they often find it beneficial to work with a local architect to review and stamp drawings, assist with permits, regional codes and officials, as well as perform local construction administration for the project. We have partnered with several prominent firms to great success in this role. Additionally, with John Winder's national NCARB certification, licensing in any state is reasonably available.

Collaboration with Landscape Architects:
Often within a landscape-based project, certain design elements such as retaining walls, pergolas, terraces and the interaction with existing buildings benefit from the involvement of an architect. In particular we have consulted on several landscape projects involving roof decks and rooftop planting.

Technical Detailing and Waterproofing Consulting:
With a longstanding well-regarded expertise in technical detailing and waterproofing issues, our firm has been involved in larger architectural projects in a consulting role.

Building Code and Accessibility Consulting:
Designers, Architects and Landscape Architects often require or benefit from a third party review of the Building Code and Accessibility issues of their projects. With a thorough understanding of the California Building Code, International Building Code and Fair House Act, our firm regularly provides these services.
Legal Consulting and Expert Witness Services:
The principals of the firm are available as consultants for plaintiff and defense teams on legal cases centered on architectural issues, particularly involving technical detailing, waterproofing issues, code compliance and accessibility issues. We have acted in this role on an informal pre-trial basis and as an expert witness in arbitration, mediation and legal proceedings.

Collaborating with Artists:
With the 'Percent for Art' public grant programs, artists have access to largescale, high-budget projects. These works are often very site-specific and even integrated into the architecture and infrastructure that funds them. At this scale and complexity, they are, in some ways, small works of architecture themselves. Our firm has collaborated with many highly-regarded contemporary artists including Mildred Howard, Vito Acconci, Nobuho Nagasawa, Barbara Stauffacher Solomon and others. We provide the architectural drawings, detailing and renderings that help make these projects possible, along with deep experience in project and construction management of arts-related projects.

Working with Contractors:
Often a client's first point of contact for a project will be the general contractor. In this case, it may fall to the contractor to recommend an architect. We enjoy the team-oriented design/build nature of these projects, helping the client ensure they get the project they need and drawing on the expertise and involvement of the general contractor throughout the process.

Working with Real Estate Agents:
If you have buyers seriously considering a property to remodel or add onto after purchase, we are available for a free consultation about the viability of the project. We regularly do this for a number of high-end realtors throughout the Bay Area. For the agents, it takes the responsibility of understanding codes, Planning Department issues and construction pricing off their shoulders, helping ensure they don't leave buyers with incorrect or incomplete information. Most important, however, is the role our assistance can play in transforming a nervous buyer who feels a uncertain about the remodeling project into a confident buyer who will want to aggressively go forward with a purchase.